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We create comprehensive digital marketing strategies to grow and engage your audience. Our team of digital marketing professionals handle strategy development, ad creation, and daily ad management focused on every stage of the marketing funnel.

  • Ad strategy development and campaign planning
  • Amazon Ad Console, Amazon DSP, Seller Central Campaign Manager
  • Amazon programs (Subscribe & Save, ERP, Vine, video-in-search, promotions)
  • Spend management and reporting

Digital Marketing is a part of our Engage Shoppers process.

Campaign strategy

Built around a set of mutual goals, our sharp, digital marketing professionals create calculated, savvy campaigns using data, technology, and creativity.

Market research

We arm brands with the knowledge and data to help inform and advise their Amazon strategies. Brands are able to make smart decisions with our in-depth category analyses, ongoing campaign monitoring, and research of niche products in the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon programs

Our teams have built a deep understanding of the Amazon advertising toolkit. We help strengthen your brand strategy by leveraging Subscribe & Save, Lightning Deals, Vine Voices, Early Reviewer Program, and more.


What is Amazon Digital Marketing?

Amazon digital marketing focuses on strategies specifically tailored to the different facets of Amazon Advertising — search ads, DSP, etc. Amazon’s advertising platform shouldn’t be treated the same as other digital ad platforms. It requires unique strategies that work together to reach shoppers in every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Case studies


Thanks to Netrush’s Digital Marketing team, our new product line was able to generate reviews, reach new customers, and ultimately become a contender in a very competitive category. By establishing REAAL as a premium product on Amazon, Netrush helped us stand out from the competition.

Marc Stover, SVP Sales & Marketing, REAAL

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