A premium experience at every touchpoint

Our dedicated team of customer service professionals keeps your brand protected from poor experiences outside of your control.

  • On-Amazon, phone, and email support
  • Q&A monitoring
  • Returns, refunds, and exchanges
  • Review analysis and maintenance

Customer Support is a part of our Engage Shoppers process.

Customer review and Q&A monitoring

Our customer service experts are well versed in creating excellent experiences for customers. All questions asked by customers — through direct contact or through listings — are quickly answered.

Returns, refunds, and exchanges

We’re here for customers when their orders don’t go as planned. Each step of the customer service process is handled in a way that keeps shoppers happy and your brand integrity intact.

Review analysis and maintenance

We carefully monitor your product performance, addressing negative reviews and offering solutions to customers. Everything is tracked, and consumer data is readily accessible.


Why is customer support essential to an Amazon strategy?

It’s not easy to win consumer trust, and it’s even harder to keep it. Negative experiences damage a brand’s reputation. An attentive customer support team can keep that damage from happening and deliver a premium experience that turns hard-to-win shoppers into brand advocates.

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