The bridge between your team and ours

As the dedicated point of contact to support planning and execution, your Account Manager acts as an extension of your brand and assists in defining goals and objectives.

  • Representation across all Amazon services
  • Brand advocacy in rapidly changing marketplaces
  • Data-informed strategic planning and growth management

Account Management is a part of our Retail Readiness on Amazon process.

Dedicated account manager

Your Account Manager is the front line communicator for your brand, and is responsible for information flow, executing strategic initiatives, and ongoing project management.

Inventory planning and forecasting

Our expertise on Amazon demand planning ensures your inventory is available when your customers want it most.

Platform monitoring

Conditions, policies, and best practices are always changing on the marketplace. Our Account Managers focus on what’s ahead to keep your brand competitive, current, and ahead of the curve.


What is an Amazon Account Manager?

Amazon is a complex marketplace that requires a dynamic strategy. There are many moving parts that need to work together while also adjusting to rapid changes. Our Account Managers leverage expertise, tools, and data to advocate for our partners in the ever-changing landscape of Amazon and e-commerce.

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