A Letter from Netrush Founder & CEO Brian Gonsalves

Over the last couple of months, many of our partners and the people at Netrush have asked me what Black Lives Matter means for our company. It’s an important question and something I’ve reflected on often.

Our people are the heart and soul of this company. They make us who we are. We come from different backgrounds, but together we are driven, innovative, and strong. That’s been a core belief at Netrush since the very beginning.

To all of our employees and partners, we stand with Black Lives Matter. To our BIPOC co-workers and friends — you deserve respect. You deserve to feel safe coming to work as your whole self. We stand by those values, and we will stand up for you.

Standing up starts with taking a good, hard look at how we do business — how we hire, create opportunities for advancement, and communicate, just to name a few. We’ve taken steps to adopt anti-racist policies and cultivate a more inclusive workplace. This is a journey, and we will continue to take steps to improve as a company as we move forward.

We recognize that this conversation should extend beyond the workplace. We’re exploring how to best use our platform to make a positive impact for Black, Indigenous, and people of color everywhere.

We are learning. We will stumble along the way, but we will never fail to stand as an ally with you.

Stay safe and well,
Brian Gonsalves


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