A Look Back at 5 Years of Partnership with Vibrant Health


This December, Netrush celebrated five years of partnership with leading superfood brand Vibrant Health. Our 5-year anniversary celebration was an exciting day, and it marked a huge milestone for our partnership. We wanted to take a moment and look back — get some perspective on what five years of partnership with Netrush actually looks like.

Vibrant Health began its journey as a dietary supplement company in 1992 on the second floor of a New York barn. They’ve since grown to become an industry-leading brand in the supplements space.

For premium brands like Vibrant Health, keeping up with a fast-growing industry means staying true to their product and customers. It also means staying competitive in the extremely dynamic world of e-commerce, which is an overwhelming enough challenge all on its own.

Netrush has been dedicated to helping Vibrant Health reach their e-commerce goals from day one. It’s a continual effort that exemplifies what we do for our partners, and at one point or another, every department has been involved.


Unlocking Vibrant Health’s Potential on Amazon

The supplements space is highly competitive in the e-commerce market. There are lots of options for consumers to choose from, and a huge emphasis is put on the source and ingredients of the actual product.

Our challenge was to provide the Amazon shopper with as much information as possible about their products, all while staying aligned with Vibrant Health’s brand identity. There are several ways we accomplished this.


Shaping Up Their Listings

Different products have different needs when it comes to Amazon. In Vibrant Health’s case, it was important to build their listings in a way that showcased their products while providing shoppers with a high level of detail behind the products’ ingredients and quality.

There are many building blocks of a product detail page — both off-listing and on-listing — that need to work together to effectively represent the product. Some of the standard, visible factors to consider include title, feature points, description, images, and video.

Photos — the first thing that a customer sees — are the most obvious opportunity for brands to inform and educate. Vibrant Health needed visuals that quickly and effectively communicate product benefits, instructions, and intended effects.

Here are some examples of how our Creative Services team revamped Vibrant Health’s Amazon listings with product heroes, informative graphics, and videos.



Dialing in listing titles, feature points, and product descriptions also played a huge part in unifying Vibrant Health’s content.


Today, Vibrant Health’s listings are fully-optimized and deliver detail-hungry customers all the information they needed to make confident purchases.


Taking Full Advantage of Amazon’s A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content provides brands with more ways to represent their products and tell their story. It’s a module-based piece of content that integrates detailed product descriptions, images, brand logos, charts, and narrative copy.

For brands with a rich identity like Vibrant Health, A+ presents an important opportunity to fully extend that identity to the Amazon marketplace. Here are some examples of how our team has leveraged A+ Content to do just that:


Staying on Top of Brand Protection

Gray market product is a big issue in nearly every industry, and supplements and superfoods are no different. Staying ahead of these issues requires constant monitoring and can easily take up a large number of resources and human bandwidth.

Managing this for Vibrant Health freed up their team so that they could focus on what mattered most to them — developing and improving their product.

To date, an active brand protection strategy has resulted in a 28% increase in compliance year over year with an 89% balanced average Buy Box across Vibrant Health’s extended product catalog.


Rising Above the Noise with Digital Marketing

Once listings are optimized with awesome content, it’s time to let it all shine with digital marketing.

Like many brands, Vibrant Health was actively looking to attract new customers, which is increasingly challenging on a marketplace like Amazon. They were able to meet their goals through strategy development, ad creation, and daily ad management that targeted buyers in every stage of the marketing funnel.

Since 2017, we’ve delivered 40 million ad impressions.


Maintaining a Close Relationship

A true partnership means more than just emails and phone calls.

Being a true partner to Vibrant Health has meant onsite visits to their facility in Connecticut.

It’s meant our CEO running the booth with their CEO at trade shows.

And it’s meant forming connections between our teams that put a face to what we do and who we’re doing it for.


Success Takes Hard Work from Both Sides

It hasn’t been just our team putting in the work. Success with Netrush is a partnership — which means we work in lock-step with our partners to succeed. It’s a collaborative effort where the successes and challenges are felt on both sides. Making an impact isn’t easy, but the end result is well worth it.

Vibrant Health has made huge strides in tandem with Netrush to get to where they are now. Their sales are up 57% from last year. Their average product ranking is 4.5 stars, and there have been 434 new reviews generated in 2019 alone.


The results of this year are a true testament to the combined efforts from Vibrant Health’s dedicated team members and Netrush. We look forward to another great year of working with the entire Vibrant Health team and growing their Amazon business!

Brand Manager Lexi Isernio


Working with Netrush, you will receive expert recommendations, responsive feedback and a committed marketing team working towards a mutual goal of growing incremental sales and increasing brand awareness.

Ted & Paige Parker, Owners of Vibrant Health

Work Hard, Play Hard

As a team, we like to celebrate our partnerships, wins, and milestones. We celebrated Vibrant Health’s anniversary by getting healthy as a horse with a smoothie bar, supplements, and general merriment.