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With teams and capabilities spanning the entire Amazon retail ecosystem, Netrush removes the need for brands to work with multiple agencies, offering a scalable, fully integrated suite of services that work together seamlessly.

The result is a partnership that gives your brand the infrastructure, technology, and proven strategies to reach customers and drive consistent growth. Working with a community of committed brands gives us access to data, resources, and experiences crucial for learning and testing – allowing us to invest ahead of change.


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Care in Commerce

As members of the retail industry, we understand there is considerable waste, inequity, and profiting at the expense of others. While we know we can’t single-handedly bring about the change needed, we are determined to make our little portion of retail a much better place. We intend to prove to the rest of the industry that it is possible to be profitable while doing the right thing.

Care in Commerce is a pledge to take action, make progress toward change, and encourage our partners to do the same. We will waste less. We will stand for equity. We will make people feel welcome and help them reach their highest potential. We will contribute our time and resources to causes that support the hungry and families in need.

Over time, we will share our progress in hopes of creating a dialogue with other people and companies. We are not yet where we need to be, but through purposeful work, we will see positive change, together.

We also want to take a moment and recognize the accomplishments of the brands we work with. We work with passionate brands that are already making huge strides to improve the world of commerce.

Follow along with their journeys and our journey through our Care in Commerce series.


Leadership team

Brian Gonsalves
Chief Executive Officer

After building numerous e-commerce startups, Brian founded Netrush in 2006 with friend and colleague Chris Marantette, working out of Brian’s home and fulfilling orders from a storage locker. Through the years, Brian’s leadership has steered Netrush to growth and success — for our company, staff, and partners.

Chris Marantette

The second pea in the Netrush pod, Chris co-founded the company alongside Brian. Chris served as Netrush’s Chief Financial Officer for many years and now leads the organization as President. Chris is a 4th generation Portland native with degrees in Finance and Management Information Systems from Oregon State University. In 2016, he was named to Portland Business Journal's 40 Under 40 list.

Chelsea Bondurant
Chief Financial Officer

As Netrush’s long time Director of Finance, Chelsa joined the Executive Leadership team as CFO in early 2019. Chelsea is a lifelong Pacific Northwest native with a Master of Accounting from Washington State University. Prior to joining Netrush in 2014, her professional background was in public accounting.

Raj Sapru
Chief Operating Officer

Raj’s focus is on long-term planning for the organization, connecting corporate strategy with execution. Before joining Netrush, Raj spent his time consulting for leading global companies including GE, AT&T, and Hitachi. His role is critical in supporting the processes that make Netrush the preeminent, forward-thinking retailer for brands on Amazon.

Hailey Orosco
Chief People Officer

With nearly a decade of experience in retail and HR, Hailey is a vital part of Netrush’s Executive Leadership team. Her focus on employee equity, success planning, and community impact keeps Netrush moving in a positive direction.

Tim Hershey
Chief Retail Officer

Tim has over two decades of retail experience working with premium brands including Gucci, Nike, and Gap. He leverages that expertise to lead Netrush’s retail teams and expand service offerings for Netrush partners. Most importantly, Tim provides the special sauce for continued growth and innovation in the e-commerce space.

Jacob Corey
Chief Technology Officer

Jacob leads the Software Development and Business Systems Analysis teams, helping develop tools centered around efficiency and quality for Netrush and our partners. Fluent in one-zero-one-zero communications, Jacob has a wealth of experience in software development, automation, computer hardware, and data.

Brain Birch 1
Brian Birch
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Brian leads the Supply Chain & Fulfillment teams, creating value and efficiency for both Netrush and our partners. As a scholar of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques, Brian has eight years of leadership experience at Amazon and over two decades working in the operations industry.

Jamie Headshot2
Jamie Brandenberger
Chief Legal Officer

With experience as a prosecuting attorney, Jamie leads legal matters for Netrush. As a natural-born problem solver, she helps protect Netrush and our partners so we can effectively achieve our goals and grow our business — the right way.

Justin Marshall
Chief Growth Officer

Justin is the driving force behind Netrush's go-to-market strategy, connecting its unique approach to growth with brands looking to reach customers in today's competitive market. As an advertising veteran, Justin has worked with brands like Nike, T-Mobile, Tommy Hilfiger, and L'Oreal to drive sales through marketing strategies built to reach modern consumers.

Jennifer Brand
Senior Director, Emerging and Strategic Platforms

Jennifer brings over 25 years of international business experience to the team. A global traveler with visits to 35 countries, she has expanded Netrush’s reach to Canada, Europe, and beyond. Jennifer leverages her experiences to solve the challenges of navigating new and emerging markets for Netrush’s partners.

Sean Dougherty
Senior Director, Transportation

With over 38 years of transportation and supply chain experience, Sean is a passionate solutions developer and team builder. He brings his deep knowledge of developing logistical solutions and agreements for Fortune 500 companies to Netrush.

Michael Smith
Senior Director, Supply Chain

With over two decades of supply chain experience, Michael Smith guides the Netrush supply chain team to better processes and improved safety. He’s helped win awards for improving processes in the past and has earned his position as a Six Sigma Green Belt and Kaizen Event Leader.

Jen Mohan
Senior Director, Retail and CPG

Jen is an experienced retailer with over 12 years of leadership in e-commerce and operations from Target Corporation. At Netrush, she manages growth and strategy for CPG brands and internally supports process development for efficiency and scalability.

I've been a member of the Netrush team for over four years and my goal is to make everyone's lives easier by supporting internal departments and our valued partners with anything that I can.

Ashley Morgan, Inventory Health Manager

Netrush has provided a challenging atmosphere across varying categories. We're able to learn from experiences from this wide range of industry leaders, encouraging collaboration and creative solutions to the ever evolving challenges of Amazon.

Brittney 1 Brittney Weissenbuehler, Senior Account Manager

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